Friday, September 18, 2020
Sept. 18, 2020

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Letter: Enforcement doesn’t add up


I need help understanding the science. How is it OK for rioters to go without masks in large crowds and not have to worry about them spreading COVID-19, but it’s not OK for a person to walk in a building by themselves with no one else around? I need to understand why a rioter who is breaking the law by destroying property or assaulting others is not subject to being arrested or getting a fine, but a law-abiding citizen without a mask is.

Also, why does it make sense to release convicted criminals into the general population to protect them from the virus, when they have a much more controlled environment in prison where social distancing and disinfected cleaning can be regulated and verified? Aren’t our elected leaders interested in protecting law-abiding citizens from the COVID-19 virus and from crime? I thought supporting our laws and constitution was part of their oath of office.

I guess I’m dense, because even with a Bachelor of Mathematics degree and a Master of Science degree, I’m having trouble understanding the logic of how the science works here.

Please help me.

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