Friday, September 18, 2020
Sept. 18, 2020

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Letter: Trump’s actions worrisome


I am basically an optimist. I trust in our constitutional protections to ensure American’s civil rights and freedom of speech. But after reading former senator and presidential candidate Gary Hart’s July 23 New York Times opinion piece titled “How Powerful Is The President?” I am deeply worried about our country.

Citing the Brennen Center for Justice as a source, Hart says: “We have recently come to learn of at least a hundred documents authorizing extraordinary presidential powers in the case of a national emergency, virtually dictatorial powers without congressional or judicial checks and balances.” Just one example cited: “An obscure provision in the Communications Act of 1934 empowers the president to suspend broadcast stations and other means of communication following a proclamation by the President of national emergency.” Will Trump to do that?

This angry, unstable president is already sending unwanted federal goon squads to cities and states that oppose his policies. We should all be extremely worried about what he might do next. With the election coming up, and given Trump’s low poll numbers, will he use these powers to take total control and thwart the election? That prospect should worry all Americans, whether conservative or liberal.

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