Wednesday, July 8, 2020
July 8, 2020

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Letter: Accelerating toward destruction


Perhaps the following will help climate change skeptics understand the need for aggressive action to mitigate the effects of human impact on the Earth.

According to generally accepted scientific estimates, Planet Earth is 4.5 billion years old. The first Homo sapiens appeared at least 130,000 years ago.

During all those pre-human eons, Earth’s climate was affected only by natural events, such as asteroid hits, lightning fires, tectonic plate movement, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, shifting polarity, sun irregularities, etc., ultimately creating an environment favorable to human life. Once humans appeared, it took them tens of thousands of years to make the initial attempts to modify their environment. Humans very slowly but steadily increased their impact on the environment, until the Industrial Age, at which point the consumption of fossil fuels became pervasive, human impact on Earth skyrocketed, and we entered what many scientists now refer to as the Anthropocene Era: the age of human impact on the Earth.

In other words, humans have severely, negatively impacted the Earth for only the last 1/22,500,000th of its existence, a mere blink of the eye in planetary terms.

Anyone not willing or able to recognize the accelerating trajectory of the human destruction of Planet Earth is simply not paying attention.

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