Sunday, September 27, 2020
Sept. 27, 2020

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Letter: Give Daybreak a break


According to “Daybreak says it may have to close” (The Columbian, Dec. 18), a nonprofit operating for more than 40 years, providing substance abuse treatment to teens, might have to close its doors due to a severe budget shortfall ($500,000). This depressing effect has been caused by repercussive temporary cutoffs of insurance reimbursements, traced to allegations of defined misconduct that led to investigations by various local and state authorities.

Speaking for myself, having “skin in the game” as a life skills mentor who lost my son Darby to addiction 21 years ago, I now represent Daybreak by routinely giving testimonials (over 50 annually) to Daybreak’s teens, covering the ravages and consequences of substance abuse. Any closure would be inherently devastating for impacted youth and families in our communities.

My opinion is that the current management team is vigorously engaged in rectifying any shortcomings uncovered, and instituting enhanced training requirements to correct deficiencies and satisfy authorities. The dedicated professional counselors and staff are working hard every day to transform these young lives.

Please do whatever you can with your advocacy for this fine and seriously-needed organization through verbal outreach, donations, or prayers, to help keep their doors open in support our precious youth.

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