Friday, October 23, 2020
Oct. 23, 2020

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Washougal art teacher adapts in pandemic

The Columbian

WASHOUGAL — Once schools closed and distance learning began, a challenge arose for Alice Yang, sixth-grade art teacher at Canyon Creek Middle School. “During our first week of distance learning in mid-April, students hadn’t gotten their art kits from me yet, so I had to come up with a project using household items,” Yang said in a news release. “We started our unit by looking at some artists who use cardboard and paper as their medium. I uploaded a video that shows several ways of connecting cardboard, some that do not use glue.” Projects submitted by students included a cuckoo clock, a Polaroid camera, shoes, and a boat. One project, created by Morgan Musser, stood out with its intricate detail. “Morgan worked about six hours a day for this week-long assignment,” said Yang. “Some felt a bit down that theirs weren’t at the same level, so we stopped and talked about the danger of comparison and how everyone is good at something.” Distance learning overall has been a challenge for Yang and all WSD art teachers. “Not having access to materials is the biggest roadblock,” she said. Access to the internet is also a driving factor in students’ ability to complete work. Most of the projects involve viewing videos in Google Classroom, and though all students have iPads, some don’t have the capability of using it for online work.