Saturday, May 15, 2021
May 15, 2021

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Letter: What kind of society do we want?


The letter “Protest disruptions are outrageous” (Our Readers’ Views, June 24) asked “What more do you want?” Well, let me begin:

1. Reparations for the damage that inferior schools, financed by property taxes, have done to people of color.

2. Police reform:

A. License police officers (require continuing education, complying with standards of performance, etc.).

B. Establish an unarmed internship as part of training.

C. Establish a national registry for misconduct to stop town jumping.

D. Demilitarize law enforcement. No domestic law enforcement needs equipment built for war.

E. Redefine the work of the police. Every car crash doesn’t need a police officer with loaded weapon.

F. Reserve armed police for violent crime.

G. Look at the typical 911 call for police and see who might be better qualified for response.

H. Decriminalize drug use.

3. Encourage businesses to locate in poor neighborhoods, especially grocery stores.

4. Establish universal health care community-based clinics.

5. Make voter registration automatic at age 18. Establish vote-by-mail in all states.

6. Immediately release all nonviolent drug offenders and reunite families.

7. Implement restorative justice. Eliminate “for profit” prisons.

8. Pass sensible gun policy.

This is a start, and gives food for thought about what kind of society we want to be.

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