Saturday, May 15, 2021
May 15, 2021

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Vital Statistics

The Columbian

Marriage licenses


Alyssa Blaze Aikin, 22, Vancouver, and Gabriel Denver Vertz, 21, Vancouver.

Beth Elaine Downing, 41, Battle Ground, and Byron John Jolma, 42, Battle Ground.

Bridget Kathleen Kooistra, 52, Vancouver, and Brian Ray Williams, 56, Keno, Ore.

Cassandra Jean Thanem, 26, Vancouver, and Austin Ray Gaylor, 26, Vancouver.

Dara Noelle Klinkner, 19, Vancouver, and Zachary David Whitlock, 19, Sandy, Ore.

Deborah Ann Bernal, 69, Camas, and Gary Wayne Tortorello, 65, Vancouver.

Emily Dawn Barbarick, 24, Vancouver, and Johnny A. Hakim, 24, Vancouver.

Gregory Michael Gordon, 27, Woodland, and Destiny Dawn Wigner, 38, Woodland.

Jennifer Tershi Brenekle, 28, Vancouver, and Michael E. Lahti, 32, Vancouver.

Kathryn D’Ann Eakin, 63, Brush Prairie, and James Henry Ray, 64, Brush Prairie.

Kestra Lee Owen, 24, Vancouver, and Gabriel David Ruiz, 24, Vancouver.

Lauren Christine Peterson, 20, Sammamish, and Carson James Isaacson, 23, Brush Prairie.

Lindsay Allyn Day, 41, Overland Park, Kan., and Robert Michael Stewart, 58, Overland Park.

Margaret Ann Dougan, 67, Vancouver, and David S. Dimoff, 67, Vancouver.

Marissa Theres Laguana Morta, 28, Camas, and Geno Delario Stover, 26, Camas.

Mathew Morzhov, 27, Vancouver, and Courtney Noelle Wattner, 25, Vancouver.

Melinda Lou Taylor, 36, Vancouver, and Gregory Scott McConville, 37, Vancouver.

Ping Gao, 49, Camas, and Joseph Blair Ashbeck, 58, Camas.

Samantha Marie Taylor, 27, Battle Ground, and Dakota Michael Anderson, 22, Battle Ground.

Shawn Michelle Roney, 28, Twinsburg, Ohio, and Brandon Thomas Shauvin, 28, Twinsburg.

Shawne Lorraine Sinclair, 54, Vancouver, and Michael William Jacobs, 57, Vancouver.

Stirling Furiosa Stone, 26, Vancouver, and Kate C. Holland, 39, Vancouver.

Tyana Naomi Williams, 41, Vancouver, and Jeffery Allen Roberts, 52, Vancouver.

Yvette Michelle Sandoval, 47, Las Cruces, N.M., and Daryl Jay Dykema, 49, Camas.

Marriage dissolutions


Amber Elaine and Brandon Christopher Blacklaw. Petitioner’s name changed to Amber Elaine Sylvester.

Christine and John Griffith.

Clara Jean and Donovan Gabriel Brant. Petitioner’s name changed to Clara Jean Samuels.

Dana R. and Jonathan M. Wright. Petitioner’s name changed to Dana R. Smith.

Kirk Richard and Kelli Lynn Lauerman.

Legia O. Anshba and Illya I Zhukov.

Megan Mairs and Charles Dezort.

Michael and Susan Wrenn.

Nancy Duback and David McPeters.

Rose Lynn and Danny Lee Ashley Jr.

Ryan James Norman and Adrieanna Kay Kampe. Respondent’s name changed to Adrieanna Kay Boethin.


Alicia Jo and David Michael Oney.

Darcy Ann and Jason Paul Petruna.

Katie Ann and Jeffrey Michael Willard.

Katty D. and Matthew James Coleman.

Marina and Yuri Fed.

Nina Pavlovna Mayen and Luis Alberto Mayen Villafuerte.

Seth and Alisha Papenfuse.


Beatrice and Martin Lee Jenkins.