Monday, July 13, 2020
July 13, 2020

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Fishing report, June 4


Fishing is free this weekend in Washington and Oregon for residents and non-residents of those states.

While no licenses are required for the annual Free Fishing Weekend, rules such as size limits, bag limits, catch record card requirements (a fee is required for a halibut catch record card in Washington) and area closures will still be in effect. Check ahead of time if the preferred destination or launch is open.

A Discover Pass will be required on Washington State Department of Natural Resources’ lands both days.

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife is still asking everyone to remember to recreate responsibly to keep their communities safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Anglers will need to follow state guidelines and health advice for the COVID-19 pandemic by continuing to recreate in their local communities, traveling only with family or other members of their immediate household, and practicing physical distancing by keeping six feet apart.

Anglers who take part in Free Fishing Weekend can also participate in the WDFW’s 2020 Trout Fishing Derby and redeem blue tags from trout caught over the weekend. Interested anglers should check for details online at

Salmon and steelhead

Columbia River mainstem

Rocky Point/Tongue Point line upstream to I-5 Bridge: Open through June 15. Daily limit is 6 salmonids, no more than 2 adults may be retained. Release all adult Chinook, wild Chinook jacks and wild steelhead. Salmon minimum size is 12 inches. Barbless hooks are required.

I-5 Bridge upstream to Bonneville Dam: Closed to angling for and retention of salmon and steelhead through June 15. Shad fishing open.

Bonneville Dam upstream to Hwy. 730 at the Washington/Oregon border: Closed to retention of salmon and steelhead through June 15.

Columbia River tributaries

Salmon and steelhead

Cowlitz River: Closed to Chinook salmon retention.

Kalama River: Daily salmon limit is six fish, of which only one may be an adult. Release all salmon other than hatchery chinook and hatchery coho.

Lewis River: Closed to salmon retention from the mouth to Merwin Dam.

Wind River: Salmon and steelhead fishing is closed from the mouth to 800 yards downstream of Carson National Fish Hatchery.

Drano Lake: Salmon and steelhead fishing closed in the waters downstream of markers on point of land downstream and across from Little White Salmon National Fish hatchery and upstream of Highway 14 Bridge.

Klickitat River: From the mouth to Fisher Hill Bridge, the adult salmon daily limit is one fish. From 400 feet upstream from No. 5 fishway to boundary markers below Klickitat Salmon hatchery the daily salmon limit is six fish, of which only one may be an adult.


White sturgeon is open for catch-and-release fishing only. Fishing for sturgeon at night is closed.


Vancouver — 13 bank anglers had no catch. Nine boats/19 rods five Chinook released.

Woodland — 21 bank anglers had no catch. One boat/2 rods had no catch.

Kalama — 35 bank anglers had no catch. Six boats/12 rods with one steelhead kept.

Longview — 164 bank anglers with one Chinook jack, one sockeye, five steelhead kept and four Chinook released. 34 boats/82 rods with one Chinook jack, one sockeye, three steelhead kept and two Chinook released.


Vancouver — 1 boat/2 rods released one legal sturgeon and eight sublegal sturgeon.

Woodland — 1 boat/2 rods released three legal sturgeon, four sublegal and one oversize.

Kalama — 1 boat/3 rods released four sublegal sturgeon.


Vancouver — Four bank anglers had no catch. 3 boats/10 rods kept 13 shad.

Woodland — 1 boat/2 rods kept 4 shad.

Kalama — 19 boats/48 rods kept 112 shad.

Longview — 11 boats/33 rods kept 92 shad and released 99 shad.

Columbia River tributaries


Cowlitz River from I-5 Bridge downstream — 3 bank rods had no catch.

Above the I-5 Bridge — 5 bank rods kept one steelhead. 2 boats/3 rods had no catch.

Kalama River — 32 bank anglers had no catch. 6 boats/12 rods kept one steelhead.

Lewis River — 7 bank anglers had no catch. 3 boats/4 rods had no catch.

Wind River mouth — 10 bank rods had no catch. 6 boats/11 rods kept 1 Chinook.

Wind River above Shipherd Falls — 3 bank rods had no catch.

Drano Lake — 11 boats/24 rods kept two Chinook.

Klickitat below Fisher Hill Bridge — 8 bank anglers kept 1 Chinook.

Recent area trout plants

Lacamas Lake, May 27 — 175 rainbow trout, 0.25 fish per pound.

Battle Ground Lake, May 26 — 2,138 rainbow trout, 2.08 fish per pound.