Monday, July 13, 2020
July 13, 2020

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Letter: Wear masks, slow the virus


I agree with the right to protest. Its one of our great country’s freedoms. I agree with the majority of the protesters’ desires and stand with them in achieving those goals. What I don’t understand is their noncompliance with the biggest and most urgent need of our country right now: to defeat the COVID-19 virus. We pay our doctors and usually abide by their ideas when we are sick, why do we ignore their ideas when we are healthy?

Yes, it’s important to express and follow up on our goals to those that can do some good, but until we all can wear our masks, including our commander in chief, and practice good social separation, we will continue to face more quarantine conditions, slowing the comeback which we all need.

I have been in a number of public businesses, and I would say that only 20 percent of the public attempt to wear their mask or practice social distancing. Do these people think this pandemic will magically disappear?

Go ahead, but until we all abide by the rules it’s just going to take longer to go back to work or reach a new normal. I will continue wearing my mask because I care for others around me.

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