Monday, July 13, 2020
July 13, 2020

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Letter: Prepare for online learning


Many are saying that distance learning has not worked well and schools should reopen. But COVID-19 infections continue to spike. It’s projected that deaths in the U.S. will reach 130,000 by August. School settings would become highly contagious zones. The virus quickly spreads where people gather to work or play. Health and safety demand that schools remain closed in the fall. The following will make distance learning more effective:

Supervised online study resources are available during the summer months. School buildings are available for community social services. Make distance learning infrastructure more user-friendly. Incorporate interesting online teaching material. Develop best methods for delivering the pre-K through fifth grade curriculum online. Divide the 6-12 grade school year into two semesters where students take only three subjects each semester and teachers have only three classes at a time. Assign staff to follow up with students and families who are not participating. Counselors and administrators teach at least one class. Teachers meet with students outdoors on school grounds for group lessons. Physical and health education teachers lead exercise sessions on school grounds as after-school activities. Outdoor activities will maintain some school identity.

We need to continue to upgrade delivery of our distance learning systems.

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