Tuesday, August 11, 2020
Aug. 11, 2020

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Letter: Thanks to unsung heroes


This morning, after picking up our order from Fred Meyer Salmon Creek, we thanked the person who delivered it to our vehicle. It occurred to me that we deservedly praise our first responders, medical professionals, scientists and the military, but we fail to recognize those whose labors are vital to our cohesiveness as a society.

Thank you to the employees of our supermarkets who labor to ensure our shelves are stocked. Thank you to the drivers and train crews who ensure that our necessities are delivered. Thank you to the workers in our plants processing our food and manufacturing our sanitary supplies so vital in today’s crisis. Thank you to our farmers for growing our food in abundance. Thank you to all whose labors are unsung, but without whom our society would cease to function.

Finally, thank you to all who take our responsibilities as citizens seriously and through whose collective efforts we will survive and thrive. We will endure and emerge stronger and wiser.

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