Wednesday, July 8, 2020
July 8, 2020

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Letter: Reckless spending is irresponsible


This coronavirus crisis is a wake-up call to remind and alarm us about the danger of our government’s reckless spending.

At a time of crisis like this, it would be really good if we had some money in the bank to fall back on when it is really needed.

Instead we’ve been doing deficit spending at record rates while the economy is good and we should have balanced the budget and paid down some of the debt.

When Obama was president, the Republicans constantly criticized him (and rightfully so) for too much spending, even though the House of Representatives was controlled by the Republicans, and that is where all federal spending is supposed to originate. Then the Republicans got total control and did not keep their promise to cut spending, but spent even more.

I think the only way to take back control of our government to the people is with term limits. They get elected and soon become millionaires and their primary goal is to be re-elected by passing out goodies to their people.

At this rate, sooner or later our government will be bankrupt and times will be worse than any of us have ever known.

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