Wednesday, July 8, 2020
July 8, 2020

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Weather Eye: As cumulus clouds drift by, what do you see up in the sky?


I got up from my chair Wednesday afternoon and went to the window and it was so nice and sunny outside. I left the room for a few moments and when I returned and looked out the same window, it was dark and hailing. And so, this is our weather this week. Unpredictable, moody, changeable and kind of sassy.

Huge towering cumulus clouds drift by and I try to imagine what shape I can find in this massive form of moisture. A French poodle, Mickey Mouse, an angel? It was always fun as a child, and I can honestly say, it still is. How about you?

With cold unstable air with us Wednesday, many county residents saw some snow falling from the sky. Whether you lived on the hills above Washougal or up on Rawson Road where weather observer Murphy Dennis resides, snow blanketed the ground. He reported 1.5 inches Wednesday. Upward of 2 inches atop Livingston Mountain.

Yes, I know it is getting to be late March so why the cold weather? No worries — it is perfectly normal as the seasons try to adjust. Just wait until April, when we’ll get that 70-degree day and jump with joy.

Meanwhile, enjoy the dryness and relative calmness today before another cold low-pressure system drops down the British Columbia coastline. This time it won’t be quite as chilly as the one a few days ago. But snow will still fall down to the 2,000- to 3,000-foot range.

Although some of those showers seemed quite heavy in your neighborhood, officially Vancouver is running way behind on the monthly rainfall. Well over an inch. It is much cooler than average too. Can we change that around anytime soon?

I expect the final days of the month to be cooler than average and a little wet. Rain moves inland tonight and stays with us over the weekend. We may dry out Monday and Tuesday, but forecast models are still debating that trend.

Enjoy the dry day as clouds increase and prepare for a few more gloomy days. Plan something enlightening. We’ll chat on Sunday.