Monday, September 21, 2020
Sept. 21, 2020

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Letter: Trump is destroying this country


The more I see and hear, the more convinced I become that Franklin Graham was right when he said Donald Trump was appointed/anointed by God; though not as some kind of new savior, but instead as a reminder of how horrible a human being can be. The similarities between Trump and the Italian despot Benito Mussolini are striking and scary: arms folded across his chest; the ugly scowl; the belief that he is far above anyone else or any law. He uses lies, fear and intimidation to control those around him. The only thing missing is the quasi-military uniform. But maybe that’s what the red necktie and cap are for.

Fascism has raised its ugly head and is supported by the cowardly Republican Party, which is afraid to face facts and truth and is totally unconcerned about what is right for the country, only thinking of themselves. The actions of the Trump administration regarding health care, including the current pandemic; the environment, education and foreign relations are destroying our country. Our only chance for survival will come in November. Please vote Democratic.

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