Thursday, September 24, 2020
Sept. 24, 2020

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Letter: Public is not being responsible


There have been numerous letters to the editor, newspaper articles, and segments on televised news where people express the opinion that the economy should be reopened without delay. They contend this is appropriate because people are reasonable and responsible, and they will take the precautions necessary to protect themselves and others from the coronavirus. A plausible train of logic on the surface, but my own observations derail that train.

At Home Depot last week, I interacted with or observed at least a dozen employees. With the exception of one cashier, none of the employees and less than half of the customers were wearing masks or observing the recommended social distancing guidelines.

I also shopped at QFC last week. All the employees there were wearing masks. However, only about half of the customers I saw were wearing them. So, where are all these “responsible” people who supposedly are protecting their health and mine?

None of this should be surprising, when some elected officials, at many levels, stand shoulder-to-shoulder without masks at rallies supporting reopening the economy immediately. Sadly, this attitude comes down from the top where the occupant of the Oval Office flagrantly refuses to follow his own guidelines.

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