Thursday, July 29, 2021
July 29, 2021

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The Columbian Editorial Board’s endorsements

The Columbian

Here is a recap of voting recommendations from The Columbian’s Editorial Board:

3rd District Congressional representative: Carolyn Long.

Governor: Jay Inslee is the clear choice.

Lieutenant Governor: Denny Heck. Marko Liias also is a strong candidate.

Secretary of State: Kim Wyman.

State Treasurer: Duane Davidson.

State Auditor: Pat (Patrice) McCarthy.

Attorney General: Bob Ferguson is the clear choice.

Commissioner of Public Lands: Hilary Franz is the clear choice.

Superintendent of Public Instruction: Chris Reykdal is the clear choice.

Insurance Commissioner: Mike Kreidler is the clear choice.

17th District senator: Lynda Wilson. Daniel Smith also is a strong candidate.

17th District representative No. 1: Tanisha Harris.

17th District representative No. 2: Paul Harris is a strong candidate, and his challenger has dropped out of the race.

18th District senator: Ann Rivers.

18th District representative No. 1: Brandon Vick.

18th District representative No. 2: Larry Hoff. Donna Sinclair also is a strong candidate.

49th District senator: Annette Cleveland.

49th District representative No. 1: Sharon Wylie is the clear choice.

49th District representative No. 2: Monica Stonier.

Clark County Council, Pos. 3: Jesse James.

Clark County Council, Pos. 4: Gary Medvigy. Matt Little also is a strong candidate.

State Supreme Court justice, Pos. 3: Raquel Montoya-Lewis.

State Supreme Court justice, Pos. 6: G. Helen Whitener is the clear choice.

Referendum Measure No. 90: Approved.

Engrossed Senate Joint Resolution No. 8212: Approved.

Advisory Vote Nos. 32-35: These are nonbinding votes that will have no impact.

President and vice president of the United States: The Columbian Editorial Board has chosen not to offer a recommendation.