Saturday, November 28, 2020
Nov. 28, 2020

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Letter: Hold Trump accountable


Trump has blocked the transfer of vital COVID-19 information to the Biden transition team. This act is the capstone of four years of his indifference and contempt toward anyone who isn’t him. Trump knew in February that the coronavirus was a deadly threat, yet he ignored our public health doctors and scientists and lied, saying that the virus would go away in April, with the heat. He refused to take action and use the Defense Production Act to provide personal protective equipment for doctors, nurses and essential workers. As a result, there was a critical shortage of PPE at a critical time. Too many of our frontline health care workers have died a suffocating death due to Trump’s underlying sociopathy.

To those who still support Dear Leader Trump, I challenge you to honestly think about how you would feel if President Obama had refused to do his job against a deadly pandemic. Answer: you’d be apoplectic with rage.

Finally: Trump is guilty of a serious crime, that of criminal negligence. He has “ignored a known or obvious risk and disregarded the life and safety of others.” It is a crime the American people should insist he be held accountable for.

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