Saturday, November 28, 2020
Nov. 28, 2020

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Letter: Seek better path for the nation


Are you ready for the rebellion? Got your favorite spotting chair set up with ammo on both sides. Even taught your partner and kids how to clean and reload. I just hope some responsible body has a 24/7 watch on our soon-to-be former president.

Seventy million voted to reelect. Mind boggling. Here’s the breakdown: Sixty million are in the lower half in terms of education and income, both of which have been going backwards. They are upset, despite the fact they were warned; time marches forward. 9.9 million are upper-income folks who don’t want their retirement messed with. The remaining few are the ultra rich who run the show.

Maybe this is about to change. Will empathy raise its ugly head in the form of dreaded socialism — a looking out for neighbors and community, compressing the income gap, softening the demand that the rest of the world follow us? After the ultra Left and Right have expended their wrath and the plutocrats have proven their greed and incompetence will we wake up and start working together for the survival of our democratic union? We might have to thank Donald Trump for shaking the bottle and pouring out a better path.

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