Wednesday, September 22, 2021
Sept. 22, 2021

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Letter: Vote for man with moral compass


After reading “Vote for the future” (Our Readers’ Views, Oct. 14) I discovered, as a political opposite, I agree with just about everything the writer stated — except I’m not voting for Trump. Instead, I’m voting for a man that has not misstated things more than 20,000 times, including Mexico paying for the wall or his fantastic health care plan. We’re still waiting on that whopper.

A man I believe will never make fun of, criticize or demean people in public that disagree with him.

A man with more decency than to use the Bible as a photo op.

A man that will not appoint many unqualified mega donors, political friends or family members to important positions in his administration.

A man that would never imply that a member of our military was a loser if captured. Does the name John McCain, a real hero, come to mind?

A man that agrees with science because he knows he’s not a “genius” that knows everything so he relies on experts in their fields.

A man with a moral compass that will care about all Americans.

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