Wednesday, December 2, 2020
Dec. 2, 2020

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Weather Eye: Welcome our first taste of winterlike weather locally in months



Our first taste of winterlike weather begins today and runs through early next week. I’m sure some of you had frost early this morning and most overnight lows in the 30s at least. Clouds will increase tonight, and on Friday light rain will begin and linger into early Saturday. Snow levels will plummet down below Cascade passes.

It is still possible our foothills will have a dusting of snow. East winds will usher in colder, drier air from the Columbia Basin. That will keep highs over the weekend mostly in the 40s. Sunday night into early Monday appears to be our coldest, with lows in Vancouver in the 20s. A killing frost for everyone.

Saturday is a good time to pick remaining tomatoes and other vegetables. Frost will be on the pumpkin. If you head to the pumpkin patch Saturday or Sunday, bundle up.

In the Columbia Basin and between Wenatchee and Spokane, winds Saturday will be gusting up to 50 mph with a couple of inches of snow causing blowing and drifting snow.

Dan Hein, former longtime weather observer for Camas, made this comment Wednesday from his ranch near Ritzville. “Heat lamp for the well house functions. Check. Water heaters for the chickens plugged in. Check. Heated bed for the cats in their bunkhouse plugged in. Check. Cats’ heated water dish plugged in. Not quite, but just takes a minute. Several weeks’ worth of firewood in the stairwell storage area. Check. Motor home winterized. Oops. But still on the list. Bring on winter! One to 2 inches of snow expected locally Friday and Friday night, blowing and drifting Saturday with gusts close to 50 mph. Temperatures in the middle to low teens Saturday and Sunday nights.”