Friday, December 4, 2020
Dec. 4, 2020

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Rare two-headed snake found in Florida


Florida’s latest salvo in the Bingo game that is 2020 is a two-headed snake.

Images of the snake were posted to the FWC Fish and Wildlife Research Institute’s Facebook page.

“A rare two-headed southern black racer was recently found at a residence in Palm Harbor by Kay Rogers and family,” reads the post.

FWC said the split heads on a single body is known as bicephaly, and it occurs while the snake is developing as an embryo “when two monozygotic twins failed to separate, leaving the heads conjoined onto a single body.”

The snake is now in the care of FWC staff.

“Two-headed snakes are unlikely to survive in the wild as the two brains make different decisions that inhibit the ability to feed or escape from predators,” the FWC said.