Sunday, November 29, 2020
Nov. 29, 2020

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Weather Eye: Week starts cold, ends fair


If the weather didn’t assist you in getting into the autumn festive mood, then I don’t know what will. Sunday was a beautiful day for October, cool and crisp. OK, some of you would say cold and crisp. After all, despite full sunshine all day, we only managed a high of 48 degrees here in Vancouver.

There was frost on the pumpkins, whatever are left in the fields, Monday morning with Vancouver tying the record low for the date with 26 degrees. The old record was back in 1978. When I saw that date it reminded me of the weather that followed that chilly day about seven or eight weeks later. That is when we had record cold with bone-chilling easterly winds and ice flows in the Columbia, the most since all the dams were completed upstream.

Of course the cold Sunday and Monday is no precursor of things to come, but it gives food for thought. The past two winters were uneventful and not like winter in any fashion. That 26 degrees Monday morning was the coldest here in Vancouver since Dec. 26, 2019. Amazing to me that 26 degrees in October bested even the normal coldest months of January and February earlier this year.

I have another winter prediction for you from former local TV meteorologist Pete Parsons. He now does forecasting for the Oregon Department of Forestry. He states, “It may not be the coldest winter since 1978, but unlike the past two years this winter should have stormy periods with some ‘extreme’ weather events.” He added, expect relatively mild weather in late fall with a transition to colder weather by January.

Parsons noted that our Cascade snowfall would be near or above normal. Expect a possible arctic outbreak and snow in January. With an active jet stream over us and to our north in this La Nina winter, we could get a windstorm and flooding. However, it is impossible to predict such an event weeks or months out, but the conditions setting up for our winter may produce a few good storms.

Get outside and enjoy fair weather and moderating temperatures until a chance of showers Friday.