Wednesday, December 2, 2020
Dec. 2, 2020

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Letter:Vote for the future, vote Democratic


Christopher Hickey’s letter “Vote for the future, vote for Trump” needs to be addressed (Our Readers’ Views, Oct. 14). As a voter you should know the difference between the two parties. The GOP opposes the following issues that are part of the Democrats’ political platform:

1. A women’s right to choose.

2. Social Security.

3. Medicare.

4. The Affordable Care Act.

5. Expanding voting rights.

6. Labor unions.

7. Acknowledging climate change is caused by humans.

8. Developing green energy, transitioning away from fossil fuels.

9. Environmental regulations protecting our air, water and public lands.

10. Gay marriage.

And many more.

All these issues will be at risk if the GOP wins the election.

The implication that Democrats are against freedom of religion, freedom of speech and the American flag couldn’t be further from the truth. Seek the truth before you vote and be aware that a vote for the GOP will condemn future generations to a planet so hot that human survival is impossible. Republicans believe climate change is a hoax and will do nothing to fight it. Scientists say we have only 11 years to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in order to prevent our climate from spiraling out of control.

The Democrats will fight climate change. Think of our children’s future when you cast your vote.

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