Thursday, November 26, 2020
Nov. 26, 2020

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Weather Eye: Quiz — did Vancouver reach 80 degrees this month?



Do you think Vancouver officially reached 80 degrees this month? October is a quirky month so far. At the beginning we had eight straight days without measurable rain. And now, we have had nine consecutive days without rain. And yes, sandwiched between we measured 1.76 inches in the rain bucket. That is still nearly an inch below average for October.

By midway in the month we were some 6 degrees above normal with the average mean temperature. Thanks to some chilly days we are now only 1.7 degrees above average. All in all, not too bad weather for a month where it can be quite stormy and wet.

At best we have a few dribbles of rain Friday with most of the moisture from a weak weather system falling along our coast and coastal mountains. After that, high pressure builds inland for the weekend promising a mild and dry evening for Halloween. We should be pushing 60 degrees in the afternoon and temperatures in the 50s for those that will be haunting the streets for treats.

We also can’t forget the blue moon on Saturday. The second full moon of the month, the full hunter’s moon. And of course, that night we turn our clocks back an hour. 2020 is a strange year indeed. Skies will be clear enough to observe the full moon.

The next chance of rain is Tuesday as another weak weather disturbance drops in for a brief visit. Rainfall at this point will be light and perhaps we’ll get nothing. Beyond then, the outlook calls for generally dry and mild weather the first two weeks of November. Nothing exciting on the horizon for us weather geeks.

There are some forecast charts hinting at a couple more bouts of rain after Tuesday. A few outliers think that another round of cold weather will slip down from Canada to our east ­— similar to last week where Spokane got record October snowfall. At this point I’m wearing a blindfold as I throw the darts at the board.

Oh, that 80-degree day? That was on Oct. 2, which seems like a distant memory.