Friday, December 4, 2020
Dec. 4, 2020

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Letter: Bolster voting rights


Increased voter interest in the 2020 election is an excellent sign, with good people all hoping for a full, fair and free election. Clark County is fortunate to have an excellent auditor in Greg Kimsey, and Washington a statewide postal system we can trust, but others elsewhere aim to restrict ballot access for too many. This year shows our nation would do well to pass a new and stronger Voting Rights Act for 2021.

An updated VRA could guarantee all voters the option of a physical paper ballot and hassle-free postmarked ballots if they choose, to be counted up to a week after in-person polls close. It could gather and compare data nationwide on the number of eligible voters, registered voters, ballots received, ballots accepted and ballots counted, to measure and audit equitable access.

Accurate and timely voter rolls are key, as are efficient systems that count every ballot, avoiding multistate villainy and the doubts many would cast on this year’s election. The importance of a full and free and fair vote cannot be overstated, and so we would do well to create a new 2021 Voting Rights Act to assure that to all citizens nationwide.

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