Saturday, September 26, 2020
Sept. 26, 2020

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Weather Eye: We find ourselves all on the same page about rainfall



For once, we have everyone wanting it to rain. And more the better. We do have some heading our way, with good news and bad news. The good news is that most areas will receive some moisture and enough wind to hopefully scour out most of this thick, debilitating smoke.

The bad news — not really bad but difficult — is the fact that the low-pressure system will be what we call a “cut-off low.” It has separated from the jet stream and will keep spinning off our coast. Bands of rain will spin around, sometimes staying off the coast and other times moving onshore at any given place from Southern Oregon to Northern Washington.

That makes for the nonspecifics. Looking at data as of late Saturday, I’m thinking about a tenth of an inch of rain sometime late Monday into early Tuesday. About enough to settle the dust but not enough to douse the wildfires. It will slow them down, however. The fires in the Cascades won’t be totally out until the steady fall rains and when the snow flies later this autumn and winter.

As that low settles in off the coast, we’ll keep a chance of showers each day this coming week. Let’s hope a few of those showers will be soakers. Frogs, stand at attention!

It should feel more like fall with highs only in the 60s and cooler overnight lows. On the satellite picture Saturday, one could see all the smoke offshore wrapping into the incoming low-pressure system. Of course, the smoke has to go somewhere; some may be falling with the rain showers.

There was nowhere to escape the dense smoke, not even along the coast. While I was running errands Friday in Vancouver, the smoke was terrible and so thick you could smell it — and ash falling on my car. A retreat to the beach Saturday was only slightly better. Still thick overcast skies with smoke, but at least the scent was not present. Makes one feel kind of trapped, don’t you think?

Take care, pray for lots of rain this week — more than what it looks like right now.