Monday, January 25, 2021
Jan. 25, 2021

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Letter: Do homework on president


Glenn Beck, in “Addicted to Outrage,” states, “If we are truly seeking the truth, we are not on opposing sides.” He also exhorts “Do your homework,” and “Look to the original sources.”

With that in mind, here is my flip-side of Christine Nulph’s letter “Don’t vote for Democrats,” repeated almost verbatim but for name changes (Our Readers’ Views, Sept. 11). Her language is not how I would normally speak, but it serves as a mirror:

How can any American who loves this country vote for any Republican at any level of government (except for the good ones, like Greg Kimsey)? The chaos the Republicans created with their resist-Obama movement is unforgivable. Now, they define peaceful anti-racism protests as violent riots because of the rampant lawlessness of a few individuals.

The Republican president has suggested that he will not concede should he lose the election. So much for the peaceful transition of power. What kind of game is he playing? He has proven to be a corrupt outsider whose whole family has benefited from his power position in government. Blatant corruption out in the open for all to see with no shame or fear of repercussions. Unbelievable.

If this makes you wild with outrage, I repeat Beck’s exhortation: Do your homework.

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