Tuesday, May 11, 2021
May 11, 2021

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Letter: Oppose election bill H.R. 1


Free and fair elections may become rare if H.R. 1 passes in Congress. Do not believe the Democrat lie of racism that they cry whenever Republicans want to prevent voter fraud through common-sense legislation.

Democrats want to allow “ballot harvesting,” which means a person can turn in more than their own ballot to the polls. So a Democratic activist can go into a nursing home, “help” all the residents to vote, and take their ballots with them when they leave. Democrats want the same day as the election for a person to register to vote, and vote in that election, which allows the opportunity for fraud. Safeguards to prevent illegal voting are eliminated by H.R. 1. If a state wants to have a voter show their ID to vote, they will have to accept a sworn statement that they are eligible to vote as an alternative.

Support honest elections and tell your elected officials to vote against H.R. 1.

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