Saturday, April 17, 2021
April 17, 2021

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Letter: TV needs censorship


I grew up in the ’50s; there were three TV networks and strong censorship. Elvis danced, but you could not see his hips; Lucy and Desi had twin beds. Today you cannot even watch the news in the evening without seeing ads with homosexual exposure. The evening action shows seem to all start out with very violent graphic content. In the ’50s it was mostly implied.

I realize this is part of real life, but should our younger generation be exposed to this every day, hour after hour?

Freedom of speech is very important to all of us, but there really needs to be a better censorship on some of the television content. Yes it starts at home, but we all watch and sometimes what is imaginary starts to take on a real or somewhat true identity.

Because of the virus we all have stayed in and have not faced life in a normal way. Therefore we need this television censorship even more. This is why there are so many drive-by shootings, more attacks on minorities and more suicides in the first part of this year.

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