Saturday, April 17, 2021
April 17, 2021

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Weather Eye: An unusual event: No measurable rainfall yet in April



As I write this column Wednesday afternoon, I can see the clouds increasing from the west after the clear sunny skies earlier in the morning. Looking at late-afternoon observations, it was raining along the coastline and showers were moving over the coast range heading our way.

The rain is expected to fall overnight, and today’s skies should be clearing, with more sunshine. I don’t expect much rain overnight here in Vancouver – maybe a tenth of an inch if we are lucky, possibly more in the foothills. It would be our first rainfall of the month. A whole week of no measurable rain in April is quite a feat.

With the moisture, snow levels will be low. Several inches of snow at pass levels are possible, with perhaps a couple inches down in our foothills. We have a similar weak weather system arriving Friday night, with more cold air aloft. The foothills and mountains could see snow once again. Our La Nina year keeps giving us mountain snow.

With the clearing skies after a few showers, a few of our colder locations around the county could have yet another frost. I believe this will be an ongoing event as storms from the colder regions of the Gulf of Alaska pull chilly air southward.

The good news is that high pressure builds inland on Sunday, and next week looks warm and dry – at least the first half. I believe the thermometer will register at least a couple 70-degree-plus readings next week. Of course, spring break will be over, right?

Now that we have conquered the 70-degree mark, when will we reach 80 degrees? It is not uncommon to have an 80-degree high in April, but most years we do without. Anyway, I will be watching it closely. Seventy-five degrees next week will ensure that many of us get spring fever.

Another reminder about setting out warm-weather but cold-tender plants: Frosts are still possible even after a few warm days next week. I’m antsy, too, but will hold off.


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