Sunday, June 13, 2021
June 13, 2021

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Weather Eye: Enjoy pleasant weather in 70s as dry April continues


Clouds were slow to break up Monday and we even had a few sprinkles here and there but nothing measurable at the official rain gauge in Vancouver as of 5 p.m. The monthly rain amounts stand at 0.28 of an inch, which is less than the record driest month of 0.39 of an inch in 1939.

The next chance of moisture looks to be Friday. If the showers hold off and any rain that does fall before midnight is on the light side, we could end up with the driest April on record. It will be close.

Any way you at it, this has been an extremely dry spring. I don’t see May starting out any better. The first week of May could have some showers but no good soaking rainfall.

Unless we get a few soaking rainstorms by June, we will be heading back in the drought category. We’ll be playing the same old tune as the past several years. And the wildfire situation could be devastating.

On a brighter note, as the clouds were slowly clearing Monday evening, did you get a glimpse of the full pink moon? It would have also appeared early this morning to the west as it was setting. It was a supermoon also, meaning it was closer to Earth than normal.

With the air mass slowly warming, I don’t expect any frost this week with lows in the metro area in the 40s. Could be some lows in the 30s in outlying areas.

What looked earlier as an unsettled week now looks pleasant with highs working themselves into the 70s the rest of the week. Get outside and enjoy the fine weather.