Wednesday, September 22, 2021
Sept. 22, 2021

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Weather Eye: Clouds diffuse sunshine, keeping us below 100 degrees


There were enough clouds streaming northward from the monsoonal rain clouds over the desert Southwest to keep us mostly cloudy Friday, and we avoided 100-degree readings. Areas close to us where less cloudiness was present did rise to 100 degrees.

Thunderstorms were close to us over the Cascades and the foothills. Also, a band of thunderstorms moved northward along the coast, bringing measurable rain to Astoria and the Long Beach Peninsula.

On Saturday, we still had plenty of clouds to diffuse the sunshine, and more thunderstorms were expected to break out along the mountains. As of this writing Saturday afternoon, Vancouver still hadn’t had any measurable rain in July.

Today we expect things to stabilize, with more sunshine pushing our high near 90 degrees. Pleasantly warm weather abounds early this week. Most forecast models show energy moving out of that huge area of low pressure in the Gulf of Alaska later this week, producing an increasing chance of widespread rains. If things develop in good fashion, we could see a quarter- to half-inch of rain. That is a ways away, however.

It was warm early Saturday, and officially here in Vancouver, the overnight low was 72 degrees. That is only 1 degree off our July 1 high of 73 degrees. Again, thanks to all the cloudiness keeping a warm blanket over us.

At noon Saturday, it was already 102 degrees in Moses Lake and in the mid- to upper 90s elsewhere east of the mountains. At least some of the clouds did bring light showers in both Oregon and Washington east of the mountains. Still, there was little to alleviate severe fire conditions.