Wednesday, January 19, 2022
Jan. 19, 2022

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Letter: Cut down on plastic waste


It’s heartbreaking to see turtles and whales die of starvation because of ingested plastic. Recently, I attended a Recycling Done Right Virtual Workshop with the Clark County Master Composter/Recycler program, which was super informative. They went through all categories, answered lots of questions about what is and is not recyclable, then explained the process. (

For example, they don’t go by the triangle resin symbols on the bottom, which I find deceiving; shampoo bottles are recyclable but the pump lids are garbage and only 9 percent of plastic is recycled. Ultimately, I check and do my best to not buy non-recyclable packaged products, but this is difficult. Buying bulk helps. And, I use reusable mugs. Lastly, I’ve reached out to several companies and asked for recyclable packaging with limited success. Please reach out also, because there is strength in numbers.