Tuesday, January 18, 2022
Jan. 18, 2022

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Weather Eye: Wednesday’s 62-degree high set a record for Vancouver



Wednesday was another record breaker, with a 62-degree high temperature here in Vancouver. That surpassed the old record of 61 degrees set in 1958.

Our average high and low for the date is 49 and 37 degrees. On Dec. 1, 1985, you may recall, we were in a frigid air mass and had a high of 27 degrees, with a low of 11.

Wednesday’s skies were spectacular, with vivid blue colors and amazing bands of clouds — mostly altocumulus, with some altostratus, both of which are mid-level clouds. These indicated a weather system was near to us.

The car washes had a steady stream of customers, and you may have spotted a few fair-weather drivers with the convertible top down. And yes, I have received emails from readers about trees and plants acting unusually. Some cherry trees are sporting tuffs of pink blossoms. A few adventurous daffodils are poking through the wet soil.

When will things change? For the next several days through the weekend, we will be mainly dry but cooler overnight, with scattered frost possible tonight.

Monday could bring an inch or more of rain. Temperatures will inch back into the mild category with this event. Rain could be copious in some locations, making for rapid stream and river rises. The Cascades may have received a couple inches of snow early today as that weak cold front passed by.

The National Climate Center has revised its outlook for December. It is keeping the wetter-than-normal forecast intact but has backed off somewhat on the colder temperatures.

Despite the lack of measurable rainfall the past few days, Vancouver is running only about 2 inches below average for the calendar year.