Tuesday, January 18, 2022
Jan. 18, 2022

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Letter: Both sides are truth-challenged


I read Ken Simpson’s letter to the editor dated Nov. 24 with some amusement. Mr. Simpson was quick to point out many of Trump’s lies. While I agree that the former president certainly told more than his share of untruths and some of them were certainly whoppers, it should be pointed out that our current commander-in-chief is also truth-challenged.

Remember when Mr. Biden promised not to leave any American citizens behind in Afghanistan? He also claimed that his leading military advisers never told him that Afghanistan would fall quickly if we pulled all of our troops from the country. There is no record of him visiting Pittsburgh’s Tree of Life synagogue, although he claimed after the 2018 massacre that he had. Inflation is not going to be temporary, “all the economists” do not agree with his plans, and the border crisis is not a “seasonal surge.” There are many more examples that I could cite.

I point these untruths out not to endorse one political party or president, but to suggest to fellow voters that perhaps in the next election, we should consider placing a higher value on a candidate’s integrity and honesty over political party or Twitter activity. But then we may have no one to vote for.