Wednesday, March 3, 2021
March 3, 2021

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Letter: EVs are not carbon neutral


Electric vehicles rely on multiple uncommon materials that are very noxious to the environment. High-efficiency direct current motors and high-density storage batteries in EVs use a variety of items manufactured from rare earth metals. These scarce metals are refined from ores with very energy-intense processes as their oxides and sulphide are remarkably stable compounds.

Also, these ores are extracted from mines in hostile regions of the globe like China and central Africa, that are resistant to representative governance, have lax or nonexistent environmental controls, often employ slave and/or child labor mining with bare hands and whose profits, like conflict diamonds, are absconded by criminal gangs.

These materials then must be transported to multiple international destinations for purifying and fabrication before assembly into over-subsidized vehicles whose electrons come mostly from burning coal and natural gas and are difficult to recycle. The entire process just offshores the manufacturing pollution and misery so it is unseen by virtual-signaling customers; hardly carbon neutral.

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