Wednesday, March 3, 2021
March 3, 2021

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Letter: Herrera Beutler should be ashamed


Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler, your support of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene by not voting to remove her from her assigned committees is, as you say, “not just objectionable, but insane.”

You say that you have concerns “that the pendulum swings both ways” and that “if we take this vote today and Republicans retake the majority next year, the temptation will be strong to kick the most controversial Democrats off their committees, and we create a new way to endlessly fight with each other instead of getting things done for American people.”

I challenge you to tell us who in the Democratic Party has ever been equivalent to the “madness” of Rep. Greene. Incitement of hate and harm similar to her comments has never been said by a Democratic legislator in modern history and you know this.

You and your party are the party that incites sedition and terror and you and Kevin McCarthy should be ashamed of yourselves.

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