Wednesday, February 24, 2021
Feb. 24, 2021

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Weather Eye: Expect more rain this week before dry weekend



At least if I forecast rain and it turns out partly sunny and mostly dry, I don’t feel too bad. Yeah, you miss one occasionally. However, our foothills to our east had an inch or two of rain. In the Longview/Kelso area there was about an inch and heavier amounts along the coast.

It was almost as if Vancouver was in a rain shadow like Seattle and Puget Sound enjoy many times. We did have a good shot of rain everywhere but here. Oh well, I do not hide in public, ha-ha. Now forecasting sunshine and it rains, well, perhaps going incognito.

The Cascades did receive copious amounts of precipitation as the westerly winds were forced upward. All three of the major Cascade passes in our state were closed Sunday evening. Too much snow and rain caused extreme avalanche dangers. Timberline was closed Monday due to extreme icing conditions and high winds.

Sounds like we were in the banana belt, doesn’t it? We reached 53 degrees Monday, the warmest high temperature this month. It was also exactly average for the date, as our average high now is 53 degrees.

So, what’s the rest of the week look like? Chance of showers today mainly over the mountains and then dry Wednesday. More rain Thursday and Friday drying out. As of this writing, the weekend could be nice and dry. Maybe wash the car finally?

The effects of our snow and ice are still with us. Many are repairing damage caused by the snow and ice storms. A friend of mine, who lives just south of Portland in Clackamas County, was still out of electricity for the 10th day Monday. I can’t imagine. The last time in my memory being out of power for a week or two was in 1962 with the Columbus Day windstorm.

Clark County has had a good share of storms and power outages and rural areas take a while longer to restore. The last weather event where I was out of power here for a few days was the windstorm in December 1995.