Thursday, March 4, 2021
March 4, 2021

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Letter: Teachers need vaccinations


Great news! Evergreen school district announces phased plans to reopen schools in January. Much hoped-for and anticipated news for sure and welcomed by all.

One glaring omission that is crucial for success: vaccinating their employees. Why is there no parallel plan for vaccinating all Evergreen employees who will be in contact with these students? Exposed and sick employees will not yield the anticipated and hoped-for results and will bring bad publicity for the school district. Vaccinations will also decrease costs for the school district.

This additional step would show a more thorough plan that incorporates concerns from parents, students, employees and the community. Why are the unions representing these employees not invited to the table to help make well-rounded plans and advocate for their members? Clark County Public Health could help to obtain the required vaccines or a local pharmacy or chain could benefit from the positive press related to vaccinating teachers and staff in helping reopen schools. Success all around. Mike Merlino could be front-page coverage getting the first vaccine!

Kudos to the school board for this initial bold step but we need a more thorough and robust plan that ensures the best outcomes for everyone. Vaccines equal greater success.

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