Thursday, March 4, 2021
March 4, 2021

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Letter: School choice can make a difference


As an educator, I know that every child is different. We don’t all learn the same way or have the same talents. That’s why school choice is so important. School choice gives families the freedom to find the right learning environment for their students to thrive and grow.

In the 10 years of my teaching career at Insight School of Washington, I’ve seen countless students enroll in online school as their last effort to graduate. They may have gone through bullying, health challenges, or felt their learning style wasn’t met. But in many cases, they transform, finding confidence in their abilities and a rekindled spark for learning. They discover a community and a place where they belong.

With the pandemic affecting schools across the country, online learning has become a larger part of the conversation. Most importantly, it has put a spotlight on the necessity of school choice and having options.

As National School Choice Week approaches in January, I want all families to have the ability to seek out and choose an education that meets their needs. I’ve seen school choice make a difference in myriad students’ lives. That’s why we need to continue to protect school choice.

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