Wednesday, January 20, 2021
Jan. 20, 2021

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Letter: Honest investigation is needed


The existence of election fraud seems to be believed by enough people to make discussion of it a worthy subject. The attorney general stated that there is not sufficient evidence to believe that fraud affected the election’s outcome. Does that then justify allowing lesser amounts of fraud to remain unpunished? There have been past cases in which lack of intent has deterred prosecution, but it is difficult to believe fraud can be committed with no intent to affect an election’s outcome.

Another objection to further consideration of fraud might be an adverse effect on Biden’s reputation, even though he himself was not involved. This consideration, however, has not been applied to events surrounding Republican leadership.

One further thought: When action has been initiated to investigate and possibly cleanse voter rolls, leading Democrats have been quick to characterize this as an act of attempted voter suppression. Is this reaction somewhat suspicious?

None of the above proves a stolen election, however honest investigation could lead to increased confidence in the integrity of our system and its implementation.

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