Wednesday, January 20, 2021
Jan. 20, 2021

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Letter: Councilors condemn violence


As elected representatives, we denounce the violence witnessed at our nation’s and our state’s capitals on Wednesday. We believe it is important the Clark County community know where we stand on this issue.

American democracy relies on free and fair elections and peaceful transition of power. In Clark County and throughout Washington state, our election administrators have led a transparent and accurate vote count. While some may be disappointed with the election’s outcome, violence is not the answer.

The right to gather and peacefully protest is foundational to our democracy. Our constitutional framework allows for robust debate and open disagreement about the issues facing our communities. That, however, is not what occurred on Wednesday. There is no place for these violent acts in our representative democracy.

As local leaders from different political backgrounds we condemn — in the strongest possible terms — the violent and destructive behavior recently exhibited in our nation’s and state’s capitals.

We call on Washingtonians and Americans to lay down their arms. We call on Washingtonians and Americans to condemn these actions at both our state’s and nation’s capitals. We call on city and county leaders, and all elected officials, to be models of civility and support a peaceful transition of power.

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