Sunday, October 2, 2022
Oct. 2, 2022

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Letter: Consider responsibility to others


Imagine that someone in your neighborhood is driving through your streets dangerously and maniacally, endangering your kids, pets and property because they claim it is their right. Their car, their taxes that help pay for your street, their right. Would you put up with that?

Yet that is exactly what happened on Jan. 6. People drove through my streets, through my capital, endangering my rights.

People seem to have forgotten that with the rights that they have comes a responsibility to others. Wearing a mask is a perfect example. People don’t want to wear them because it infringes on their civil liberties, their rights. What about their responsibility to their fellow man to protect others, too?

What happened on Jan. 6 is untenable. It is an assault on my rights to feel safe in my own home, my own country. While people are executing their rights in the future, I hope they will consider their responsibly to their fellow man. Nonviolence worked for Gandhi, the civil rights leaders and Nelson Mandela. It can work for others, too.

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