Wednesday, January 20, 2021
Jan. 20, 2021

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Letter: Rep. Kraft should resign


As a resident of Clark County, I enjoy the spirit of our residents and the spirited debate that occurs here. That being said, there are extremist forces out there that prefer to see the county in chaos. State Rep. Vicki Kraft lent her voice to those forces last week, speaking of irregularities in our election process, despite dozens of court cases finding minimal irregularities that would have absolutely no impact on the outcome of this election. Rep. Kraft has often lent her voice to these extremists, attending anti-mask rallies and comparing high-level state leadership to Nazi leadership. When she defends these actions, she calls into question the character of all citizens of Clark County.

I call on her to condemn those who question the election results and acknowledge this election for what it was: a free and fair election. I also call on her to resign her position, as she provided commentary to a Columbian reporter that fueled the fire of insurrection in the United States Capitol and therefore endangered the lives of Capitol police officers, legislators, and all the staff in that building. Rep. Kraft should resign her position, as she clearly shows no respect for our elections process and for the citizens of the United States.

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