Sunday, January 17, 2021
Jan. 17, 2021

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Letter: Trump’s actions are un-Christian


Because of the Trump-inspired insurrection, some congressional Republicans reversed course and condemned President Trump, after enabling him the last four years. Although this is welcomed, for those self-identifying as evangelical Christians follow-up is required: Biblical scripture like Matthew 7:1-5 commands an apology to country and constituents for previously not standing up to Trump — in biblical parlance, this calls for repentance.

Evangelical Christians, by definition, are supposed to bring the good news and love of Christ by witness, so as to gain followers of Christ. Instead, studies have shown that in recent times, many self-identified evangelical Christians are turning off young people to Christianity, and I suspect older people as well. That’s because many such evangelical Christians actively support people like Trump whose behavior so starkly violates biblical teachings. After all, aren’t first impressions of Christianity usually based on the behavior of Christians?

In view of the insurrection, will enough evangelical Christians finally realize their support of Trump is severely undermining their supposed core purpose of bringing people to Christ? Or are too many instead committed to their own personal agendas of Trump-supported political positions such as opposing abortion rights, immigration, gun control, or same-sex marriage?

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