Thursday, January 27, 2022
Jan. 27, 2022

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Video shows Salem Fire Department boat sinking in Willamette River


Authorities are slated to recover a Salem Fire Department boat that sunk in the Willamette River earlier this week.

Officials said the Salem Fire Response Boat sunk during a boat operator training exercise Monday afternoon. The three firefighters aboard were wearing life jackets and made it to shore on their own.

No one was hurt, and Salem officials said Tuesday that the involved firefighters were doing well.

They said the incident remains under investigation and that salvage and recovery efforts were scheduled to start this week.

Officials have not said why the boat capsized. Video footage captured by a bystander shows the boat sinking into the water and overturning. One person can be seen on top of the overturned boat.

Salem officials said the city’s fire department can still use a reserve boat to respond to any water rescues or river emergencies.