Sunday, March 7, 2021
March 7, 2021

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Letter: Kraft should rely on facts


I read with interest, and eventual dismay, the summary of the conversation with state Rep. Vicki Kraft concerning recent electoral results, contained in the All Politics is Local blog of Jan. 10.

Ms. Kraft certainly has the right to express her opinion, but as a state representative, I believe she has the responsibility to make sure what she states is not based on rumor or innuendo, or such statements as “It is well known …” Instead what she says should be at least partially fact-based.

On the basis of The Columbian’s description of the conversation, I would encourage Ms. Kraft to select one or two of the incidences of “wrongdoing” she referenced and research them thoroughly to determine if the facts are such as she described. If they are as she described I believe she may have the basis for the attorneys and judges to revisit the case(s) in a court of law. If on the other hand, the facts were not as she described, she should state so in a public venue.

As a public representative, Ms. Kraft has a voice that is impactful in the community, and what she says matters. To the extent that voice is used, at any time, to speak mistruths, innuendo, or plain falsehoods, that should be reflected in the public record.

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