Monday, March 1, 2021
March 1, 2021

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Weather Eye: Here’s a January opportunity to get out, wash your car



Now that things have settled down on the weather scene we can relax for a few days and watch the streams recede and the pastures slowly soak up the newly formed ponds. After a few light showers overnight, today things will again calm down and I see no precipitation until Thursday at the earliest.

Maybe get out and wash your car. Afterward it may appear to your neighbors you bought a new vehicle, at least a different color. And don’t worry, washing the car won’t make it rain this time. Promises, promises, says the weatherman.

Mild temperatures remain with us for a few days and then as we teased the other day, colder weather arrives. High pressure finally builds off our coast and shuts off the tropical waterspout. In turn, as is common in the dead of winter, we trade for colder weather. Air will begin to come to us from the north, and we all know the old saying, ‘If the north wind shall blow, we shall have snow.’

Well, not always, especially at lowland communities. However, it will be our best opportunity so far this season for lowland snow, for sure the foothills to our east. At first the showers that arrive Thursday and Friday will be on the light side but will facilitate the mechanism to allow colder continental air from British Columbia to filter in. Meanwhile, a localized cold pool of air builds in the Columbia Basin. East winds will most likely enter this complex formula at some point.

You know how things must come together for us here in the city to get those elusive snowflakes to fall in our yards without melting. No worries, I will get some rest the next few days and then we roll up our sleeves and gather chatting about the details.

One thing I noticed Saturday were many birds flocking together. One house rooftop I saw had black birds covering the entire roof and loudly squawking to the heavens. Other large numbers of birds perched in the trees. Maybe they know something we do not.

Meanwhile, relax, unwind, and if you are a snow lover, keep picturing that white stuff. Daydreams are good. Be safe.