Tuesday, April 13, 2021
April 13, 2021

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Letter: Maintain fireworks ban


I have written many times on the hearing damage to wild animals and birds critical to their survival caused by concussive explosions. Many of us military veterans with PTSD who risked our lives to protect our country now have to go to Oregon and rent hotel rooms during the biannual fireworks carnage.

As a physician, I have also written on the chemicals used in fireworks that are banned in all First- and Second World countries. They contain toxins that take hundreds of years to break down. Damage from breathing them takes years to show up and if you shoot them off, your home floors are covered with them from your shoes: toxic to children and pets.

I want to remind the county councilors that they were elected to serve and protect for the greater good. The number of people blowing things up in Clark County are not the greater majority — they may be the most vocal, but certainly not the greater majority.

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