Wednesday, December 7, 2022
Dec. 7, 2022

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Study: Nearly 97 percent of Clark County COVID-19 cases were unvaccinated

Public Health data covers cases reported between March 5 and June 30

By , Columbian Metro Editor

A review of COVID-19 case data by Clark County Public Health has revealed that nearly 97 percent of all new cases in the county since March 5 have been in unvaccinated individuals.

“The bottom line is, the COVID-19 vaccines work,” Public Health spokeswoman Marissa Armstrong said in an email Wednesday. “The data shows they prevent COVID-19 illness, including serious illness leading to hospitalization.”

Armstrong said efforts to assess the impact of vaccines on new cases was complicated by how data is collected and managed by the state, which operates different databases for immunizations and case investigations.

Public Health investigators worked to identify immunization status of new cases through interviews with infected individuals and facilities investigations, according to Armstrong.

Since March 5, investigators were able to reach 62 percent of all reported cases. Because of that, Armstrong said, the data is incomplete in some cases.

Even so, the data available showed that 96.9 percent of Clark County COVID-19 cases have been unvaccinated between March 5 and June 30.

Data on the rate of hospitalizations of vaccinated vs. unvaccinated individuals in Clark County wasn’t available yet, though investigators are continuing their work in that area, Armstrong said.

Armstrong said that the Washington Department of Health has found that the hospital admission rate for unvaccinated people between the ages of 45 and 64 is 21 times higher statewide than the rate for fully vaccinated people in the same age group.

Among people 65 and older, the rate is 15 times higher among unvaccinated people than fully vaccinated people, Armstrong said.

“Because no vaccine is perfect, some people who are fully vaccinated will still get sick,” Public Health said in a social media release Wednesday. “But data suggests that vaccination may make symptoms less severe for those who get COVID-19. And current data also suggests the COVID-19 vaccines offer protection against variants currently spreading in the U.S. “

To find a location near you offering COVID-19 vaccine:

Vaccine Information in Clark County

Anyone age 16 or older is eligible to be vaccinated against COVID-19, and anyone age 12 or older is eligible to be get the Pfizer vaccine, though a parent or legal guardian must accompany minors ages 12 to 15. Underage teens are advised to check with vaccination sites regarding parental consent.

Vaccinations are available without an appointment in Clark County. More information about opportunities for vaccination is available on Clark County Public Health’s COVID-19 vaccine information website. Appointments at a number of locations throughout Clark County can be scheduled through the Washington Department of Health Vaccine Locator. Those who do not have internet access or need help scheduling an appointment can call Public Health 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday at 888-225-4625. Call center representatives can assist with scheduling. Language assistance is available.

More information about vaccines and data on vaccination in Clark County can be found on Clark County Public Health's vaccine data page.